Privacy Policy

The latest version of our privacy policy was approved on January 16, 2015. Our company, Sincere Navigation Corporation, reserves the right to change these terms without notification. We advise any visitors to visit this privacy policy for any changes.

Below is the privacy policy of this website:

1. Information collected

When you use this website,you do not need to provide any personal details or information. However, if you request any inquires or advisory service from the company, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is in addition any terms and conditions stated elsewhere on this website. When you use our website, you maybe asked to submit information to login or before you proceed to the next step.

2. Use of information collected

According the Private Information Protection Act of the Republic of China (Taiwan), our company shall collect personal data for the purpose of reference, mailings, or to provide a subscription for contact. These information may also used to help us to maintain or improve the quality of our service and official website. Without your approval, we shall not provide your personal data to a third party.

3. Co-operation

In the event of legal actions, if we are required to cooperate with authorities, the personal data provided will not be subject to the terms of this policy.

4. Responsibility

This website includes hyperlinks to other websites, if you peruse these links, any information provided will not be protected by the terms of this policy.

If you have any questions regarding the above policy, you are welcomed to contact us at:

Sincere Navigation Corporation
Tel: +886 02-27037055