Employees Relations

                      Employees Status
12/31/2015 12/31/2016 12/31/2017
Office service 29 27 27
Number of employees Sea service 423 352 295
Total 452 379 322
Average Age (years) 43 40.77 42.4
Average Service years 16.4 15.59 16.59
Education Ph.D. 0 0 0
Master’s 8 8 8
Bachelor’s 285 208 179
High School 120 88 91
Middle school and below 37 56 44


Sincere Navigation Corporation follows labors rules and regulations in all relevant jurisdictions.  Staff application procedures, appointments, and compensations are clearly specified in the company’s human resources management policy in order to protect the rights of employees. The company provides health checks as well as provide health guidebooks and manuals.  In addition, Sincere Navigation Corporation also provides travel accident insurance for the employees for company-related travels.

For ship-based employees, the crew employment contract and the work environment of the ships follows the “Maritime Labour Convention.”

The channels of dialogue and communication with employees are clear and employees are regularly informed on major matters of the company  by corporate memorandum and email.