CSR Report

Sincere Navigation Corporation (SNC or Us) issued its first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report in 2017, and the second CSR Report was issued in June of 2018. These reports were drafted in accordance to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and its GRI 4.0 version (GRI G4) standard and guidance to ensure appropriate disclosures. Financial data are represented in NT$, and each indicator, data, collection, and calculations, are performed in accordance to local laws and regulations. If local laws and regulations do not specify, then international standards are applied. If no international standards are available, then industry standards or practices are used. The above quantitative indicators are explained as needed in the notes sections.

We shall disclose and upload the CSR report on our website and on the MOPS system. We hope that through the disclosure of this report, an additional channel of communication is available between SNC and its stakeholders, where we can explain our efforts and results in economic, environmental, social, and other areas.

2020 CSR Report

2019 CSR Report (Chinese Version available only)

2018 CSR Report (Chinese Version available only)

2017 CSR Report (Chinese Version available only)

2016 CSR Report (Chinese Version available only)